Tree Stand Seats and Accessories
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About us

We are the online source of the Silent Seat replacement tree stand seat, we offer a replacement tree stand seats for most of the major tree stand manufactures.
We provide quality tree stand and hunting products made in the USA . Each seat is treated to protect against UV rays and rot. The treestand seats also do not absorb water.
These treestand seats are great for bow hunters because they are quiet and will slide out of the shooters way when you stand up making absolutely no noise and give full use of your platform.
Each treestand seat comes with a complete set of instructions on how to attach the seat to a treestand.
These seats are extremely comfortable and you will not miss your back rest. This seat will cut your setup and take down time in half, because you will not need to wrestle with the bulky factory seat in the dark.
Silent Seat is very lightweight and will shave valuable weight from the tree stand to keep you mobile.
Finally the Silent Seat does not absorb odors like factory foam seats assisting you in staying hidden from a Whitetail's best defense.